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The front of the PA. The buttons and knobs are clearly visible.

AM/FM/CD/Flash Drive with PA

Introducing the biggest break-through in design technology for the Tour Industry. Now you can have State-of-the-Art AM/FM/CD/Flash Drive with PA. Never before has this been available to the industry. Now you can retire those worn out hard drive systems that you can't program without paying someone a fee or those old AM/FM/Cass systems that should have been retired long ago.

You have questions...

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The rear of the PA. Shows a single cable that connects it to the vehicle.

One Plug And Done

Designed to be swapped in and out to save time. Keep your buses, trams, or trolleys rolling and making you money, not sitting in the maintenance bay. We modified an Alpine unit, chosen for reliability, and added our own custom circuit which makes it more flexible to the needs of tour bus operations. Our custom circuit can allow translators and a guide to speak at the same time on the same radio, with independant volume levels for each, with no interference.


AM/FM/CD player with MP3 track playing capability via CD or Flash Drive along with the added PA function that is needed on Touring vehicles. The ease of installation and the ability to use sound bytes along with PA voice-over makes this unit the first of it's kind ever available.


Ease of maintenance and installation save you time and labor. Your buses will be back on the road making you money, and you will spend less on labor costs of repairs.


Time is money for all businesses. You can't make money when when a PA system fails and a bus is in the maintenance bay. With our new product your down time is a matter of minutes not hours or days.


Designing of the PA system modification for the Alpine unit took over a year to perfect and is now being used by major companies such as San Diego Historic Tours, Old Town Trolley Tours of Mass. and more.

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