Morrison Palmer Engineering

Morrison Palmer Engineering is an innovator in electronic design. Time is money and we are striving to save companies just that. State-of-the-art technology designs today for tomorrows future.

State of the art PA system for your trolley or bus!

What we do:

Morrison Palmer Engineering has been an innovator in design and manufacturing of audio equipment and systems for the touring industry for over 16 years.

Albert Einstein once said that everything should be as simple as possible, but no simpler. Simplification doesn't just mean simplifying our designs, it means simplifying your business. We design for the whole of your business, creating innovative solutions that see beyond the circuits, to solve the challenges of modern business. We design technology for problem solving, for business process improvement. We build technology that streamlines business. It's all part of what we call holistic design.

What it means:

We believe time is money, and engineer our products to allow more productivity, minimal effort, less hassle, and less downtime. Less downtime means you have more time to spend generating revenue. Minimal effort spent on maintenance and installation saves you money.

At MPE design excellence is our goal and our duty. Our engineers have over three decades of experience.

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Information on our PA system can be found on the products page.

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Company Services

If service is ever needed for the systems we sell then please contact us directly for repair or exchange.

Morrison Palmer Engineering

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